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In case you did not get enough, here are some interesting readings to further explore Oxford's uncomfortable stories. We also thought you might be interested in a few other like-minded projects.

Further Readings

R. Symonds, Oxford and Empire: The Last Lost Cause? (Oxford, 1992)

C. Hall, N. Draper, K. McClelland, K. Donington, R. Lang, Legacies of British Slave-ownership (Cambridge, 2014)

B. Schwarz, Memories of Empire. Volume 1: The White Man's World (Oxford, 2011)

Aston, Trevor Henry, The History of the University of Oxford, vol. VIII: The twentieth century, (1994)

Tyack, Geoffrey, Oxford: An Architectural Guide (1998)

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Like-minded Projects

Click below to link to the websites of other groups and institutions exploring similarly

uncomfortable issues in and around Oxford.

The Race and Resistance programme brings together researchers, students, and activists in the history, literature, and culture of anti-racist movements across the modern world.

Common Ground is a movement of Oxford students from different backgrounds and different disciplines who have come together to push for change.

#MakingHistoryOxford is a FREE exhibition that tells the intersecting stories of Oxford's Queer and Black students through rare archival documents & never-before-seen Oscar Wilde photos

In the Library of Magdelan College, May 06 - Oct 24, 2019

Black Oxford is a movement to celebrate the contributions and legacies of Oxford University's Black scholars from the turn of the 20th century to the present day

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