Virtually 'walk' through the streets of Oxford with us...

All tours are run by our student guides, combining an interactive virtual tour with discussions on the major themes of imperialism, inequality, and historical memory.


The perfect solution for those at home or long distance!


Private bookings available!

Size: Up to 20 attendees 

Price: £110.00

Length: 1.5h approx. 

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Private Bookings:

Original UnOx Tour 1.JPG

Original Uncomfortable Tour

The lovely stone of Oxford gains a different tone as we raise questions about Oxford's imperial history, slave wealth, diversity, and controversial historical memory.

Virtual Med Tour 2.JPG

Getting Medieval


Explore long-lasting connections between the past and the present, cover histories of prejudice and bloodshed, and debunk the myths of 'medieval' times.


Uncomfortable Literature Tour

Experience the streets that have inspired numerous authors, while examining the tensions between the traditional stories of the city and its diverse realities.