A Very Brief Introduction to the British Empire 

Listen to our new podcast versions of our the "Very Brief introduction to the British Empire" lecture series!

All talks are conducted by doctoral students in history and meant for a general audience. 

Reading lists and full transcripts also provided for each episode.


Disease and Empire

Release date: Thursday 9 April 2020 

Talk by Olivia Durand, Paula Larsson & Manikarnika Dutta


The Age of Exploration I - The Atlantic Ocean

Release date: Thursday 23 April 2020

Talk by Paula Larsson


The Age of Exploration II - The Indian Ocean

Release date: Thursday 7 May 2020

Talk by Olivia Durand


The Age of Exploration III - The Pacific Ocean

Release date: Thursday 21 May 2020

Talk by Sean Phillips


A New Imperialism I - Conquest in Asia

Release date: Thursday 4 June 2020

Talk by Urvi Khaitan


A New Imperialism II - Conquest in Africa

Release date: Thursday 18 June 2020

Talk by Harriet Aldrich



A New Imperialism III - The First World War

Release date: Friday 03 July 2020

Talk by Jack Doyle

Full Transcript

 Reading List

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