A Different Kind of Blue Plaque...

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

The blue plaque project is one that has taken hold across the UK, first in London and more recently in Oxfordshire. At Oxford we have seen a number of plaques go up marking the presence of great minds and influential thinkers. Yet the streets of Oxford are not only graced with blue commemorative plaques – the city is adorned with a number of different types of commemorative plaques, statues, and engravings.

Curious wanderers can read about the Swindelstock Tavern at the corner of St. Aldate's and Queen Street on the base of the Santander bank which currently occupies the spot. Those who stroll down Broad Street can read the short inscription about our three Oxford Martyrs who were burnt alive, on the spot left marked with a cross in the middle of the street. More recently, a plaque has been installed at the entrance to the Codrington Library in recognition of the contribution of slave money to its construction. The controversial Rhodes statue stands tall on High Street still today, gazing down at all who walk beneath it. Despite