Writers Make Worlds in Oxford and beyond

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

‘These writers draw us as readers into exciting new worlds and invite us to ask particularly interesting and often difficult questions about ourselves.’ – Postcolonial Writers Make Worlds

In 2017 Professor of World Literature in the Oxford Faculty of English Elleke Boehmer and Dr Erica Lombard, then a postdoctoral fellow at Oxford now at the University of Cape Town, embarked upon a project which explored how reading British literature shapes readers’ conceptions of Britain today. Postcolonial Writers Make Worlds is in part the record of that research project, and in part a resource. The site is populated with BAME authors’ biographies, overviews of their work, and short critical essays aimed at secondary school learners and undergraduates. Boehmer and Lombard found that writing by BAME authors was being misrepresented and underrepresented in literary statistics, despite the diversity of British society. Interestingly, they also fo