Public [Online] Lectures


May 20, 2021


Subversion with 'ArtActivistBarbie': Challenging Social Injustice


Dr. Sarah Williamson

University of Huddersfield

Dr. Alexandria Russell

Rutgers University

Commemorating Freedom: African American Women’s Public History in the Jim Crow Era

October 22, 2020

Prof Gerry Kearns

Professor of Geography at Maynooth University

Colonial Resistance in Africa and Ireland: The Story of Roger Casement

September 24, 2020

TRIGGER WARNING: This lecture contains graphic images of colonial atrocities

Dr Kieran Hazzard

Knowledge Exchange Fellow

at the Ashmolean Museum

The East India Company and the Ashmolean

July 30, 2020


A Very Brief Introduction to the British Empire


July 02, 2020

World War I

Dr Jack Doyle

A brief introduction to the context of the British Empire in the First World War, 1914-1919

August 06, 2020

The Interwar Period

Jan Tattenberg

A brief introduction to the period often considered the 'height' of the British Empire, 1919 - 1939