'Uncomfortable' Walking Tours

Both fun and thoughtful - our tours highlight uncomfortable histories often overlooked in the city and university of Oxford.

The Original Uncomfortable Tour
Oxford and Empire
Uncomfortable Literature
[Prices the same for all tours]
Adult                              £13.00
Student/Senior               £9.00
Child                              £6.00
Private bookings:
[Up to 15 people]
Follow the Money

Meet our guides!

Paula Larsson
Amelia Hart
Harriet Aldrich
Olivia Durand
Ming Zee Tee
Emerson Murray
Louis Morris
Waqas Mirza
Lunan Zhao
Chase Harrison
Frances Enticknap

Why do we charge for our tours?

Although we started as a student volunteer project,

Uncomfortable Oxford has grown into a Social Enterprise!

We did this for a number of reasons:

1. To be able to pay our guides a good wage for all the hard work they do.


Our guides are university students and are dedicated to delivering good and well researched content. We want to reward them for their time and the quality of the work they accomplish with us.


2. To ensure the project can run free public events throughout the year.

We charge an individual fee for tours, but we also run many free events during the year with partner institutions - such as the Ashmolean museum - and with the local community.


3. To ensure we are sustainable and have a lasting impact.


It takes a lot of time to do the research for our content and create our partnerships. This enables us to grow in quality and impact. The project must be self-sustaining to ensure it doesn’t disappear from the Oxford landscape.

Your support helps us to continue working hard

at having a positive impact in Oxford.

Thank you!

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